Learn to Play Poker Online – Learn From the Pros at Full Tilt Poker Academy

From beginner to experience poker players, the Full Tilt Poker Academy is another great (and free) educational, yet entertaining resource for you to learn to play poker, fix the leaks in your game and develop additional styles and strategies.

Full Tilt Poker has the biggest names in poker! These same professional poker players are essentially your “teachers” at the Academy. Educational content is delivered through the following methods: Lessons, Sit-n-Learns, Challenges, Sessions and Podcasts.

“Lessons” are online videos presented by one of the Pros discussing many different topics, which are organized by “Level” of difficulty. This is the core of the educational content you get out of the FTP Academy. You are sure to find many topics of interest regarding the games of poker, and the online videos are of high-quality and produced very nicely.

Many of the poker lessons have interactive “Sit-n-Learns”, which are essentially quizzes that review the lesson you just took. These are aimed to help you review and better learn poker concepts in the associated Lesson. You also earn a “grade” on the quiz, based on not only choosing the correct answer, but how fast you answer them. High scores may qualify you to play in restricted Freeroll Tournaments available only on Full Tilt Poker.

“Challenges” are aimed to make you apply certain skills you learned in the associated Lessons. They give you objectives to accomplish on actual real money tables, and as you accomplish those objectives, you get credit for them in your “My Academy” account. As you earn more Academy Credits, you move up in “Membership Levels” within the Academy, giving you access to higher level Lessons. You can also spend these credits at the FTPA Store for a variety of poker related products and big prizes.

Finally, the “Sessions” and “Podcasts” channels allow the FTP Pros to share actual game experiences and real hands, commenting on their thoughts as the hands play out. These areas of the Academy is another nice way for you to learn how to “think and play like a pro”.

In order to access the Full Tilt Poker Academy (FTPA), you need to have a Player ID with Full Tilt, which means you would need to download and install the Full Tilt Poker software application. But if you are reading this because you’re interested in learning and improving your poker game, chances are you already have a Full Tilt Poker account or you would want one anyways. And it’s free! So get poker education on, have fun and good luck on the felt!

Submitted by J. Vito, a happy husband, proud dad, small business owner and total poker junkie.

Improve Your Game at the Leadbetter Academy

The Leadbetter Academy offers golf lessons in a wide range of formats, from short hour-long clinics to Junior Summer Camps that last almost all day. If you, your spouse, or your child is an avid golfer, or would like to become one, than the golf lessons and youth instruction programs offered by the academy might be perfect for you.

The academy offers expansive state of the art facilities, including a fully equipped fitness studio, an indoor/outdoor hitting bay, a Golf Performance and Biomechanics studio, an indoor putting room, and a full-service Club Fitting and Repair shop. Coupled with over twenty four thousand square feet of immaculate putting and chipping greens, the Leadbetter Academy is ideally equipped to instruct everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned players, and everyone in between. Adults can have their choice of short lessons, a three-day retreat, or even a private lesson with David Leadbetter.

Junior Summer Camps are offered for children between eight and eighteen. Younger kids between eight and twelve can take part in the Leadbetter Academy’s half day camp, where they will learn the basics of playing golf, and developing a good stance and swing. Older kids, from thirteen to eighteen, can participate in the camps’ full day program, where they will receive golf lessons in the morning, lunch, and then practice on the course afterward. This program is designed to teach more seasoned junior players how to improve their game, and get the solid instructional foundation that they need to become stronger players. At the end of the full day youth instruction program, students will be allowed to compete in a full eighteen-hole golf tournament that culminates in an awards ceremony, and will receive a DLGA gift bag and a take-home plan to help them continue to improve. Participants in the half day program will also get a DLGA gift bag, and a plan to help them continue to learn and improve their game.

Whether you want to learn to play golf, improve your game, or get help from one of golfing’s best and most seasoned instructors, the Leadbetter Academy can help you. With their fully-equipped facilities, generous green space, and experienced golfing instructors, you, your spouse, or your child can get helpful advice for improving your golf game, and a practice plan that will allow you to continue to get better and better. Look into the academy’s golf lesson programs today, you’ll be glad you did.

Golf Academy Hunt: Top 5 Academies Nurturing Professional Golf Skills

Golf academies play a vital role in developing skills of an individual, who wishes to learn the game play of golf. With the rise in number of academies and competition in the market for qualified professionals, it has become necessary to choose the best among all. Understanding the basics of the game is necessary to be successful as the play requires the player to have strong analytical skills. Provided below are 5 important academies and their importance in developing skills required for a player.

1. Golf Digest School

Considered as the original golf academy, it was founded by the editors of Golf Digest and has over 80,000 students. Career’s of famous instructors such as Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Davis Love Jr., Jack Lumpkin and others started at this academy. Nearly after two years of retooling and changeover of the management, the academy has been opened up once again. It currently offers the finest training in golf at its finest golf resort.

2. Butch Harmon School of Golf

Butch Harmon is current generation’s reputed instructor for golf. He is known for his experience having worked with Tiger Woods and over 100 other tour players. Hailing from a family consisting of father, Claude Harmon, renowned instructor and player, brothers, Craig, Dick and Bill, we can say presence of Golf runs in the blood. The school is situated in Las Vegas and features private teaching facility. While Butch’s schedule is full, for one or three-day programs staff operates and completes the task.

3. Advantage Golf School

Recognized by goal magazine, Advantage Golf School is considered as the best goal school in America. They have gained reputation in the market through the air one-to-one instruction campaign. Learning is fun and according to the requirement of the individual. PGA and LPGA instructors offer training imparting all the necessary knowledge that one requires to play goal. They are also using the latest computer swing analysis to analyze the mistakes of the player and in the following sections to achieve accurate results of training.

4. David Leadbetter Academy

This golf academy was started focusing on developing junior golfers. The academy is best suitable for students who wish to start date golf career. Proven methods are offered to the students by instructors who are certified by Leadbetter. With one-to-one instruction strategy, a student will acquire immense knowledge about the game.

5. Golf Dynamics

Bill Moretti and his team have started the golf academy to train individuals in golf. Individual attention is provided to the students which makes it a perfect academy for beginners to acquire complete knowledge about golf.

No matter what academy you choose, it is important that you obtain immense knowledge about the game and its basics. This can be achieved when the trainer offers his complete attention to you during the training program. You have to choose the best golf academy from the list that you have obtained about the present academies in the market. A small research will be helpful for you to acquire details about the training schedule offered by various academies.

A Golf Academy Short Game Instruction

What can you get out of a golf academy short game instruction? Well, let me first say that we all know the frustration of missing those simple 1 foot putts, but if you can get your short game as short as possible you can then go back and practice those putts at home or in the office. So, take your mind off of those missed putts and focus on your short game for a moment.

Just like any sport, practice will really improve your short game. You know, practice not only involves the physical, but the mental part, which should be practiced also. The mental part of the game is in many ways just as important as the physical and many golf academies around the world will indicate this.

Here’s basically what you’ll get when attending a golf academy short game instruction session. Keep in mind that every academy will teach the basics of the short game and some will be more detailed than others. But generally, you’ll discover most golf academy short game instruction will reveal the following items to commit to memory:

- 90 percent of the game is mental. Yes, it’s all in your head (so to speak). If the mind is focused, prepared and in gear to make the shots, then the body will follow. It’s been said the Tiger Woods dad taught him to visualize in his head where the ball needs to go before he made a swing or putt. It’s true and it works for me.

- 70 percent of shots are made within 120 yards of the hole. If you look at it this way, then a 365 yard hole should not be as intimidating since you really only need to master the 120 yards where the 70 percent of your shots will be made. To some, this is more of a mental part of the game that you should master as opposed to the physical. Although, both are equally important.

- Chose the right club that matches your distance and height. With that in mind, you want the ball out of the air as much as possible. In order to keep the ball low, shift approximately 75 percent of your weight to the balls of your feet. If you have to take a higher shot, adjust your chest further back with only 60 percent of your weight forward.

- Learn to chip with less force. Many golfers tend to overpower the chipping which lead to more frustration. Thinking more about the sweetspot when you chip will create better results then focusing on the force behind the swing. Remember to also keep your impact with the ball on the backside of the ball to keep it from going into the clouds (too much air).

- When using a 7 or 8 iron, try gripping closer down towards the bottom of the grip. Some golf academy short game instructors would say to use a putting stroke, with the open stance, slightly aligned with the target line, when using the 7 or 8 iron. When you pull the club back, it should be about 18 inches. Always accelerate smoothly. On the downswing don’t uncock your wrists too early.

- Have you heard of the “flamingo drill”? Basically, it goes like this: 1) hit some chips and pitches with the toe of your rear foot balanced on your front foot. This will place your weight on your front leg. 2) place your foot down to the normal position and hit a few more. At this point you should notice how the exercise helps to prevent hanging back and giving the ball too much flight. With this drill you should also make note that if your head is behind the ball, your weight will also be behind the ball (which you don’t want). 3) try to keep your weight on the front to prevent fat chips.

Well, there you have some of the basics of a golf academy short game instruction. One last thing, let’s remember to enjoy the game in the middle of trying so hard to get the short game perfected.

Football Academies Bring Out the Best in Football Players

Football academies could be the dream destinations of those enthusiastic about learning and playing a game of football. These academies train players for the game, and there is always a competition between such academies to be the best. They emerge as winners when one of its graduates turns out to be the vital link in a game won. This is quite like the competition between different academic institutions offering training in different professions. Coaches at these academies are trained professionals who ensure that the graduates have a high degree of mental and physical tolerance. These academies train aspirants to be the best when it comes to being quick with the ball, they train them to coordinate effectively in a game, after all, football games are won by the team efforts and not by an individual’s efforts. These academies help in keeping the players physically fit and agile all round the year by regular physical training.

Training at football academies involves a comprehensive training in all aspects of the game. Success spells out only if a player is physically as well as mentally fit. Training in the physiological aspect of the game of football involves training the players to be able to endure the physical stress the speed at which the game is played. They are encouraged to play games like basketball and swimming at these academies that build up a good stamina. They are trained to tackle the opponent and snatch the ball without using foul means. It is very important to know the rules of the game because using foul means could mean the player’s or even the team’s disqualification from tournaments.

Football players are trained to use all the communication skills they have for communication between players of a team always reaps rich dividends for the team. A game of football is won over by excellent coordination between players, all of who hold a positive attitude towards winning games. Players are trained in all essential aspects of the game like dribbling and shooting. Passing the ball to one’s team mates is as essential as the use of foot work to dribble the ball over the football ground. Training players in shooting the ball effectively and with the appropriate speed is vital for penalty corners could always turn the fortunes for any team. Football academies are the best when it comes to showing men how to do all this and more.